Mobile Traffic – Are you making the most of it?

As marketers we are all aware by now that in 2015 mobile internet usage officially surpassed desktop internet usage. That, combined with Google’s Mobile Friendly Update in April last year, meant that 2015 was a massive year for mobile traffic!

That is all old news by now, but have you acted upon it? Are you aware of the behaviour of your mobile website visitors versus your desktop website visitors? If you’re not….then you should start now!

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Website Development Checklist

Website development checklist

When you are planning to do a website for you or your own company, you have to produce a website that it is up to the standards and follows current guidelines. How can you be sure that you are doing it correctly however?

Well the solution is to have a guideline of tasks or a checklist of steps that you can closely follow. This is important because missing or neglecting some simple steps in the process might result in a website that does not rank well on search engines, even if it looks visually stunning.

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Ultimate PPC Checklist

The Ultimate PPC Checklist

Small businesses especially find it difficult to get the most out of their AdWords campaigns as they do not have time for day to day management or the expertise to get the most out of AdWords. Therefore, we have created a short and precise PPC checklist to optimise the campaign from the first month which can be downloaded here.

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The 2016 SEO Checklist for small businesses

SEO checklist for small businesses

We all know small businesses cannot waste time and budget. This short 2016 SEO checklist can help any small business by improving your website optimisation and drive leads from organic traffic. Download the SEO checklist for small businesses in PDF here.

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Introducing The Google AdWords App

Google introduced the new Google AdWords app last year taking the leading Pay-Per-Click platform to new levels. In January this year, the revolutionary AdWords App was launched for iOS devices provide the ease of AdWords to all users. According to the Google Inside AdWords blog, the new app acts as a companion to the desktop website allowing users to –

  1. View campaign statistics
  2. Update bids and budgets
  3. Get real-time alerts and notifications
  4. Act on suggestions for optimization
  5. Call a Google expert

With the changing user environment and more users using smartphones on a day-to-day basis for engagements, this is the perfect step for the Ad Giant to grow. All businesses are also acting on this shift to mobile which makes the Google shift a big boon for businesses.

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