of the clicks on Google ads come from the top 3 spots
of users say paid search ads make it easier to find information
of the traffic generated by search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused
of the paid search market share belongs to Google
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Can You Relate?

  • I’m spending hard earned cash on Google ads but don’t see much return
  • I’m a bit clueless when it comes to building an online presence or running ads.
  • I’m worried that my competitors are dominating the ppc search results.

  • There’s hardly any inquiries coming in, our target audience don’t know about us

What are the Benefits of Google Ads?

If you’re only beginning to explore Digital Marketing, you may be wondering ‘Do I really need Google Ads?’. The answer is almost always, yes. Check out just a sample of the many benefits to using PPC below.

  • No Waiting Around: While SEO is long term, Google Ads can start attracting inbound leads within a matte
  • Google Knows: Target people by what they have searched for in the past, are actively searching for, websites they’ve visited and more. (Creepy, but effective.)
  • No Time For Page 2: Google Ads generally occupies the top 3 results on the results page, which account for 60% of all clicks on Google. (People rarely check out the P.2 listings.)
  • Come Out On Top: Get ahead of your long standing competitor’s Google Ads positions with our proven expertise.
  • Size Doesn’t Matter: Google Ads campaign budgets can range between €1 a day for display, or massive budgets for search campaigns.
  • More than Search: Google Ads can target people on youtube, Gmail, websites around the internet, apps and much more.

Why Choose Evolution Digital for PPC?

At Evolution Digital, we pride ourselves on getting the best return possible for our client’s PPC spend. With years of experience running Google ads campaigns, we know the PPC landscape inside out. We know what works and we know what doesn’t and we are constantly on alert for any new innovation to lower your costs and increase your conversions.

Our PPC Management Services

PPC & SEO Agency services

Search Ads

Highly effective search advertising campaigns, built, monitored & optimised by experienced PPC professionals. We know what it takes to maximise your return on your investment.

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Display Advertising

A powerful tool that allows you to connect with a large, highly engaged audience making it an excellent channel for awareness, consideration and reach. We ensure that your display.

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Google Shopping

A must for ecommerce, Google Shopping combines all the benefits of an online marketplace and price comparison tool with ads on the world’s largest search engine.

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Video Advertising

Thanks to Youtube, video advertising is now a powerful marketing tool that is open to all advertisers no matter what size your budget.

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Very few conversions happen on the first visit. Our Google Ads remarketing strategies are designed to help you address this problem.

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Universal App Campaigns

UAC campaigns drive app downloads through ads shown across display, search, Youtube and most importantly the Play store.

Our Clients

I have been working with Evolution since 2016. Over the past number of years I have seen steady growth from both channels leading to a huge increase in online revenue.I would happily recommend them to any business looking to improve their digital marketing efforts and drive more website sales and enquiries.”

David Kelly – MD, Coving Direct

PPC Agency Dublin Client

Google Ads Case Study

Task: A leading supplier of decorative coving in the UK tasked us with identifying profitable digital marketing opportunities to increase their sales

Strategy: Use pay per click search advertising in combination with display and shopping campaigns to increase quality traffic

Result: We decreased the clients cost per conversion by 65% and increased overall conversions by 72%

Our PPC Process

The top 3 PPC Ads on the SERP generate 46% of all clicks from Google. Let Evolution Digital get you there.

We Plan

  • In depth marketplace analysis
  • Full competitor analysis
  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Devise strategy & campaign structure

We Implement

  • Apply relevant content & audience targeting
  • Create compelling copy & banners
  • Implement accurate tracking
  • All campaigns created with quality score in mind

We Optimise

  • Ad copy performance evaluation
  • Quality score optimisation

  • Bid strategy testing

  • Keyword & content targeting optimisation