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Increase in Conversion when you include video on your page

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

C onversion Rate Optimisation is the vital process of improving the experience for the people who visit your website. Getting a person to land on your website is only step one. If your website does not provide people with the information they are looking for, or compel them to take action, they will quickly move onto another website and you will have lost a sale.

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.”

Jeff Eisenberg

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Can You Relate?

  • I’m spending hard earned cash on Google ads but don’t see much return
  • I’m a bit clueless when it comes to building an online presence or running ads.
  • I’m worried that my competitors are dominating the search results.
  • There’s hardly any inquiries coming in, our target audience don’t know about us

How Can We Improve Your Conversion Rate?

Our first job is to identify your goals and understand your visitors’ thought process. We will study your existing traffic and aim to convert passive website visitors into engaged users. The key is to identify what users look for when they visit your website. It is essential that you give the user the information they want before they tire and move on. It is all about creating a worthwhile experience for them.

Our Conversion Rate Process

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We Investigate

We thoroughly analyse your website and Google Analytics to see how your visitors behave. This includes analysis of bounce rate, drop off rate, dwell time, page content and more.

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We optimise

We optimise each of your desired landing pages with several CRO tactics to keep the customer focused on your desired actions; be it a sign up, phone call, purchase, contact form etc.

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We Test

We consistently test different methods and their effect, ultimately reducing the bounce rate, cost per conversion and multiplying your conversion rate. (pretty cool, right?).

What Conversions will Evolution Increase?

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Sales Through Ecommerce

Phone Calls

Contact Form Submissions

Lead Magent Downloaded

Video Watched/Blog Read

Newsletter Sign Up

conversion rate optimisation agency

Our Clients

“Evolution Digital came on board when we were struggling to push ticket sales and reach our targets. We needed something different and innovative to drive our campaign home. Evolution created a fantastic campaign that reflected the cause and executed it to a high standard. They used each channel to accelerate results and the awareness generated was excellent.”

Tom Lynch – Founder, The Ink Factory

content marketing case study

CRO Case Study

The Ink Factory is a tattoo studio based in Dublin City Centre, we were tasked with establishing them as a professional and reputable brand through high-quality content and branding on both Facebook and Instagram. Find out how we increased their social traffic by a whopping 286% in just 9 months with a 159% increase in clicks on their social ads.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency Dublin

Check out just some of the many optimisation wonders that we can implement to ensure that your website is in tip top conversion rate condition.

  • A/B Testing

  • Video

  • Page Speed

  • UX

  • Optimal Button Colours

  • Improved Bounce Rate

  • Removed Page Distractions

  • HeatMaps

  • Effective Contact Form Placement

  • Engaging Content

  • Measurable Improvements

  • Mobile Optimisation