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small brands killing it on social media

Small Irish Brands Killing it on Social Media

It’s no secret that social media marketing is now an integral part of digital marketing. It can be a great way to promote a small business just starting off, as it is inexpensive, easy to use, and can reach a large number of potential consumers. With so many businesses now using social media, however, it can be hard for small Irish businesses to stand out in an ever-changing industry that can be extremely noisy and crowded. We’ve compiled a list of 10 small Irish businesses that are truly embracing social media as a lucrative marketing platform.

Folkster (@shopfolkster)

best irish companies on social media

Folker is an independent female-owned Irish clothing and accessories retailer. The brand are based in Kilkenny and also opened a pop-up store at Dundrum Town Centre in Dublin just before Christmas. With 88.5k followers on Instagram, the brand actively uses this platform to promote and engage with customers. Through using the built-in Instagram shop feature and through regular and insightful posting, the brand is paving the way for trendy Irish-owned fashion retailers.


Craft Cocktails (@irishcraftcocktails)

craft cocktails

Having only begun their business venture a couple of months ago, Craft Cocktails are a prime example of a business who had to adapt their offerings when the pandemic hit. The talented bartenders of the award-winning cocktail bar BAR 1661 got together and founded a craft cocktail business, which offers delivery across Ireland, personalised labeling and a variety of delicious cocktails. Having only started their Instagram page at the beginning of October, it is clear that so much effort has gone into the creativity of the images and the brand as a whole.


Gym+Coffee (@gympluscoffee)


Gym+Coffee is an Irish designed athleisure company that not only sells gym and coffee-related products – but also a way of life. With over 70k followers on Instagram and stores in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and London, the business that started with three young entrepreneurs looking to establish a community of coffee enthusiasts has turned into something much bigger than they were expecting. The brand is now one of the most recognised athleisure brands in Ireland and the UK and uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to successfully market their products.


Wild Éire (@thewildeire)

wild eire 

Wild Éire are a relatively new brand that sells vintage and reworked clothing, while placing a significant emphasis on sustainability. The brand has created a large community of vintage fashion lovers and often donates their proceeds to various charities and promotes the importance of mental health and wellbeing. The brand is extremely active and engaging on social media, both with their followers and with other small Irish businesses.


The Happy Pear (@thehappypear)

irish social media company

The Happy Pear has been going from strength to strength since twin brothers Dave and Steve set up a small vegetable shop in 2004 with a dream to inspire healthy and plant-based eating. With over 500k Instagram followers, four #1 best-selling books and 120 employees, The Happy Pear is a prime example of a small Irish business success story. The brand makes great use out of their social media channels to showcase their beautiful produce, to provide information about courses and cookbooks and to brighten their followers’ days with stunning photos of Greystones, where they are based.


Eight Degrees Brewing (@eightdegreesbrewing)

social media agency

Eight Degrees Brewing is an Irish microbrewery located in Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. The company offers a selection of unique and adventurous beers and ales, all available for delivery, and their Instagram page will be sure to keep you informed of everything beer and brewing-related. Their Sunburnt Irish Red was recently named World’s Best Pale Amber at this year’s World Beer Awards.


West Cork Beard Company (@westcorkbeardcompany)

west cork beard 

West Cork Beard Company is an Irish business, offering natural, handmade beard care products. The Clonakility based brand often showcases the gorgeous West Cork scenery in their photos, alongside their impressive beard care products.


Sculpted by Aimee Cosmetics (@sculptedbyaimee)

sculpted by aimee 

Sculpted by Aimee Cosmetics is an Irish makeup brand founded in 2016 by professional Dublin makeup artist Aimee Connolly. The brand has grown significantly since its founding and now provides a full range of makeup products, available to purchase on their website and through various retail outlets. The brand is extremely active on social media with over 70k followers, as well as Aimee’s personal page with over 120k. It is clear that Aimee and her brand have used their social media platform to their advantage and are quickly becoming a well-established Irish makeup brand.


Seoidín Jewellery (@seoidinjewellery)

ireland social media influencers

Founded in a small town in the West of Ireland in 1996 by Maureen Harrison, Seoidín Jewellery is an Irish jewellery brand that creates unique pieces of jewellery, inspired by Ireland. The brand utilises social media by displaying their jewellery beautifully on their Instagram page, providing links to the products using the Instagram shop feature.


Lovin Dublin (@lovindublin)

social media ireland

Finally we have Lovin Dublin, an informative blog that provides the latest Dublin-related tips and tricks. Their website and social media pages provide up-to-date information about food, retail and activities in the capital, as well as providing stunning images of the Dublin area, as you can see above. Lovin Dublin regularly collaborate with other brands through various competitions and give-aways – all the more reason to give them a follow!


Social Media Marketing with Evolution Digital

For help on social media marketing for your business, contact our full-service social media agency today by emailing or calling (01) 288 5118.

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tik tok marketing strategy

The Tik Tok Marketing Strategy Your Business Needs

Tik Tok danced, transitioned and lip-synced its way into our lives at the start of 2020. Initially, it just seemed like a place for Gen Z to post their dance moves and new makeup looks, but that changed very quickly. Tik Tok is now the new social media platform that your business needs to integrate into it’s Digital Marketing Strategy.

Tik Tok supports a video format of 15 to 60 seconds and has proved extremely popular due to its ease of use, creativity, fast attention-grabbing content and personalised algorithm. 

As with any social media platform, it’s important to have a marketing strategy and vision for Tik Tok. We’ve broken down our top tips on creating a Tik Tok marketing strategy to help you promote your business online and reach a whole new audience in a unique way.

1.Find Your Niche

tik tok digital marketing strategy

In order to build a following and interest in your business, you will need to have a consistent theme or topic to your tik tok content. This can come in the form of talking about a specific topic related to your business, sharing stories about your business or showcasing your products in use. To decide on your niche, research what content fits best with your businesses’ image, what content you feel you can consistently and comfortably make and what will capture your audience’s attention. Unlike other marketing channels, Tik Tok is less ‘salesy’ and more attention-grabbing and interactive. You have less than 60 seconds to impress viewers, so make it count! Once you have decided on your niche, review the feedback you’re getting on your posts in order to guide your future Tik Tok content.


2. Keep An Eye on Trends

tik tok marketing

Trends are huge on Tik Tok. Each week a new song, dance or challenge becomes the must-do video. You’ll know if something is trending if you’re seeing a lot of it on your “For You” page or by looking at the number of people who used a hashtag specific to the trend on the discovery page. Incorporating these trends into your Tik Tok content will require creativity. It will also be important to consider if the trend can benefit your content and if it fits with your niche. For example, an outfit transition trend would be suited to a clothing store but probably not suited to a food business.


3. Creativity Content

@keilidhmuaGot to do this with my own palette 🥺 The Secret Treasure collection is now live! @kashbeauty ##makeup ##10secondsvs♬ Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney

If it isn’t already apparent, creativity is a vital skill to have when curating your Tik Tok strategy. You only have 15-60 seconds to impress your audience and with over 800 million Tik Tok users worldwide, you have to stand out from the crowd! The type of content that needs to be produced for Tik Tok will likely be quite different to what you’re already pushing out on the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Instead of just videoing your product range think about your target audience and the type of content they’re currently consuming on Tik Tok. For example, if you’re a beauty brand which has just launched a new eyeshadow palette, how best can you portray the numerous looks which can be created using the palette in less than 60 seconds to your viewers? A montage of carefully executed transitions of various eye makeup looks will be far more creative than simply showing the palette with a list of what users can create. The creative possibilities are endless on Tik Tok, it just requires some thought and time.


4. Advertise on Tik Tok

Similar to the more well-known social media platforms, Tik Tok is moving towards a monetised business model where brands can pay to have their advertisements shown. Below are some examples of the types of Tik Tok Advertisements available. 

Infeed native content: This type of advertising is similar to Instagram or Snapchat story ads and play between user content. They can be up to 15 seconds long and support multiple features such as website clicks or app downloads. However, users can choose to scroll past these.

Sponsored hashtag challenges: Hashtags are important on Tik Tok. When there’s a new trend or challenge on the Discover page users can see it and join. Your business can sponsor a hashtag challenge and use a custom banner across the Discover page. When users tap on this they’re taken to videos from your business explaining and showing the challenge all while promoting your brand. Eg.

@tadhgflemingIT’S STAYCATION TIME in IRELAND☘️ Use the ##MakeABreakForItChallenge and let’s see what you bring 🧳 😂🤣 ##discoverireland ##ad♬ – Discover Ireland

Brand takeovers: These types of ads appear upon opening the app and present a full-screen video to your targeted audience. This type of advertising is one of the best options for mass awareness and driving direct sales.

Branded lenses: Similar to the Snapchat branded lenses. These are filters and effects which users can add to their videos featuring your brand.


The type of advertising you choose to use on Tik Tok will depend on your budget and objectives but with Tik Tok featuring more and more advertising as time goes on it will likely become more affordable and mainstream to advertise here.


5. Tik Tok Influencer Marketing

@charlidamelioshop morphe2 phase 2 online and in stores now! use code ‘charli’ online for 10% off of some of my favs 💕 @morpheofficial ##morphe2xcharlidixie ##morphe

♬ Space Cadet – Metro Boomin – it’s the✨shadowbanned✨for me


Where there’s a social media platform, there’s influencers. Many influencers from other platforms have diversified to Tik Tok while there are also Tik Tok exclusive influencers. If your budget allows, having a Tik Tok Influencer marketing strategy is a great way to generate content and reach even more people. 


6. Be Consistent


When people discover you on Tik Tok, it is most often through their “For You” page, meaning they will likely only consume that one piece of content from you. If you post consistently, the likelihood of the same person as well as more people discovering your content on their “For You” page gets higher, especially if you use different hashtags and try different trends.


Get Your Tik Tok Marketing Strategy ready for 2021

Tik Tok is on the rise and Instagram’s recently added Reels feature proves that it really is disrupting the social media world as other platforms scramble to stay ahead. Adding Tik Tok to your arsenal of social media platforms is a worthwhile investment for your business and something we strongly recommend! If you’d like to learn more about using Implement a Tik Tok Marketing strategy for your business, then get in touch with us here at Evolution Digital today.


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What You Need To Know About Linkedin’s Algorithm Update

What You Need To Know About LinkedIn’s New Algorithm Update

These days, the major tech companies seem to be constantly coming out with new algorithm updates, making it difficult for us to keep track of all that is new. Even though it may be difficult to keep up with, it is important to stay up to date with these changes as each one impacts the industry best practices to some extent. LinkedIn recently updated their feed algorithm in order to maximize responses and boost activity amongst users. The algorithm update comes as a response to skewed engagement metrics that resulted in a disproportionate newsfeed prioritizing users with more followers. This involved LinkedIn completely rebuilding their model for candidate selection and redefining their objectives. Here is what you need to know about the new update.


Social Media



Content Creators Will Be Rewarded

LinkedIn is looking to achieve more activity from all users across the board in order to make the platform more engaging. To encourage this, they have added a metric to the newsfeed algorithm that rewards content creators on the platform, instead of simply showing content with already high engagement. This is to make LinkedIn a more active place for discussion with broader participation by increasing the variety in the content shared on the platform, straying away from the same top 1% of content being shared repeatedly.

In this new update, LinkedIn considers created content as a “contribution” when it is something that is likely to be shared, commented on, and reacted with. Users who create this type of content will, in turn, be considered “audience builders” on LinkedIn, and will be rewarded for the value that they contribute to the feed. The LinkedIn feed will now have “contribution” as a new objective when deciding what posts to feature in the feed. These contributions will help to facilitate more professional conversations and retain active users.

Going forward, this means that if you want your content to appear on your followers’ feeds, then you should create content that users will want to share and interact with. The more that your content encourages activity amongst users, the more likely it is to be featured on their feeds.


Feed Ranking will be optimized for Professional Conversation Contributors

LinkedIn’s goal with the updated newsfeed is to promote conversations that are relevant to specific users and their professional development. Content is deemed relevant if it is valuable to the user seeing the post, adds value to that user’s own network, and brings value to the original creator of the post. This new model predicts professional conversation contributions and will help to achieve this goal. The update will not only be beneficial to content creators and their followers, but it will also help to progress the various sub-communities on the platform are impacted by seeing a post.

In order to ensure that your performance is optimal, you should prioritize your specific audience niche when creating your content as they are the ones who will see your content as a professional contribution and thus be promoters for your brand. Use of relevant hashtags will also serve in your favor as it will help to tag your content as a relevant contribution. Finally, try asking industry related questions as this will raise discussion within your community.


Types of Posts that will help to Maximize Reach and Engagement

In order to help you maximize your reach and engagement for all the content that you create, LinkedIn has suggested the following best practices:

  • Post content that encourages a response. For example, if you’re posting a link to an article, express an opinion with it.
  • Think about using the best post format for your topic. Posts do not have to follow anyone type of format, and LinkedIn’s algorithm does not take preference of any particular format either. If a video would increase the value of your post, then it is better to include a video over other formats.
  • Use @mentions to pull other people you know into a conversation. If one of your connections could add value to your post, @mention them. Make sure that the people you mention are likely to respond and that they equally see the value in being tagged themselves.
  • Engage in conversation. Respond to your commenters to encourage more activity.

We hope that this helps to clarify the new updates from LinkedIn and that you will be able to implement these best practices into your strategy. If you are looking for help with your Linkedin or social media strategy, make sure to Contact Us at Evolution Digital to organise a free consultation.

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6 Ways to Optimise Your Youtube Practices

Billions of people watch videos on YouTube everyday. This makes the platform the second largest search engine after Google. Videos have risen as an important part of online marketing. While many companies have come to realize the power behind videos, they don’t necessarily know how to optimize their YouTube practices or content. How can you make sure that you and your brand capture this traffic? Taking just a few extra steps to optimize your videos will give you an online advantage, making your content easier to find and to share.

1. Name Your Video with a Target Keyword

The title of your YouTube video is important as it serves as a meta tag, which tells the search engines what the web page and your video is about. Just as it is important to optimize your written content for your website, it is important to identify keywords that help to identify your video. For this reason, it is important to use keywords in your video title. When people browse or search videos on YouTube, one of the first things that they notice is the video title. The title is what determines whether or not the viewer will actually click to watch your video. As long as your keyword fits naturally in your video title, it will serve you well to optimize your title.

2. Write Your Description with SEO in Mind

The description boxes on YouTube videos can also be helpful for search engines and viewers. Description boxes can be up to 1,000 characters, however, many viewers do not read past what YouTube automatically displays for description boxes, which would be only the first two or three lines of text. Despite this, it is still beneficial to optimize your description box with keywords and phrases. An optimized description allows your video to show up in the suggested videos sidebar on the website, which helps to expose your video to more users.

3. Tag Your Video with Related Keywords

Using tags on your video allows both YouTube and your viewers to know what the content and context of your video is. By using relevant tags, YouTube can place your video in the suggested videos sidebar as a similar video, in turn, broadening the reach of your video. Tags should be a mix of the most important keywords and more general keywords. However, it is important to avoid using irrelevant tags as Google may penalize users who do.

4. Track the Right Metrics

YouTube Analytics allows you to see your greatest areas of success as well as areas that need improvement. The three main reports that YouTube provides are Revenue Reports, Watch Time Reports, and Interaction Reports. Other important analytics to keep track of include audience retention, demographics, playback locations, traffic sources and devices. These analytics will

allow you to see everything from what location and devices people are watching your videos from, to how people discover your videos and when they stop watching them.

5. Encourage Embedding

If someone embeds your video on their site, it allows your video’s rating to be boosted in search engine results. If you embed your video on your own website, you also give your site the opportunity for increased traffic by giving search engines added content to rank. Embedding your videos on a website acts like a back link, enabling your videos to be placed in search engine results, resulting in more views. It also helps you reach a wider, more diverse audience apart from just your usual YouTube audience.

6. Encourage Your Viewers to Like and Share Your Videos

The most important interaction metrics that YouTube shows you on your interaction reports include Subscriber numbers, Likes and Dislikes, Comments and Sharing. These metrics show you how viewers feel about your videos and give you the opportunity to interact and form relationships with your subscribers. It is beneficial to promote your videos on your other social media platforms, like Facebook or Twitter, if you have any. It is also important to encourage your viewers to comment, share and leave a Like on your video. Similar to Views, the more Likes that you have on your video, the better your YouTube SEO ranking will be.

Having a strong YouTube presence can have a huge impact on your brand reach by giving you the opportunity to engage with the billions of users on the platform. Once people watch your video, you have the chance to expand your communication with them by encouraging them to go to your company website, ultimately leading to conversions. By optimizing your YouTube practices, you can take full advantage of the branding power that the platform provides.

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5 Steps to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

With over 500 million professional profiles, LinkedIn allows you to form a strong network between other professionals and like-minded individuals. LinkedIn can connect you with potential employers through their powerful job board, offer you the ability to build your professional brand, can help rank your name on Google, keep you up to date on industry news, and help you to grow your personal network exponentially. In an era where online presence is continuing to grow in importance, it has never been more necessary to work on your personal branding.

It may feel as though your profile is lost amongst the millions of others, but making your profile stand out may be easier than you think. To ensure that your profile does not go overlooked, here are 5 steps to optimize your LinkedIn profile:

1. Make Your Profile Attractive and Well Rounded

It’s best to fill out as much of your profile as you can. The more information you include on your profile, the better your chances are of making new connections and standing out to potential employers or customers. It is also important to keep the content on your page clear and easy to follow so visitors to your profile will see the information they’re looking for without having to sift through content that is not relevant.

Another way to make your profile easier to find is by customizing your URL. Customizing your URL serves as a quick, easy way to make your profile standout over others. A custom URL also comes across as a cleaner look if you wish to include your LinkedIn profile on business cards or your email signature.

2. Make Your Profile Easier to Find with Keywords

If you want more visits to your profile, it is important to make sure that your profile is easy to find. This can be done by using keywords throughout your profile. Keywords will gain you a higher search engine page ranking, which in turn will allow prospective customers to find you easily. The effective application of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques can potentially double, or even triple, visitor traffic to your profile. Aside from your name, your Professional Headline is the most highly rated field in the index. It is important to have keywords listed in your headline field to increase your ranking amongst other users who have the same terms. Keywords can also be added to your title. For example, instead of having the title “Senior Consultant”, adding “Senior Consultant – IT Project Management” will help to give a clearer explanation of your position while getting in as many appropriate keywords as possible. Having skills that are endorsed also plays a heavy factor into your profile searchability, so it is beneficial to add keywords and accept endorsements on them. While not everyone may understand SEO concepts, it is important to remember that more content on your profile, especially with relevant keywords, will result in more visitors.

3. Use Status Updates to Your Advantage

LinkedIn status updates serve as the perfect opportunity to improve your personal brand, expand your influence, and generate leads. LinkedIn performed its own research which shows that by posting every weekday, you will reach 60% of your unique audience. Another study showed that people looking for jobs improved their chances of being contacted by a recruiter ten times just by posting weekly status updates.

LinkedIn status updates have the ability to have a major impact, unlike status updates on other social media platforms. This is because a LinkedIn status update showcases your professional status and features your photo, name, title, business and engagement metrics.  You can use LinkedIn status updates to your advantage by sharing news stories about your company or updates about your work with those in your network. You can post an article that your followers find interesting or an image that attract attention and provides value. Updating your status regularly shows your network that you are active in your industry and that you keep up to date with relevant news.

4. Join and Create LinkedIn Groups

Whether you create a group or join an industry related group, the icons for those groups will appear in your profile. LinkedIn Groups have useful management features that are not available on other social media platforms. These features allow you to send an overview of daily or weekly activities that occurred within the group to members as a summary. When creating a LinkedIn Group for your brand, it is important to make the focus on topics that your customers care about, instead of focusing on promoting your company. This will spark more conversation and engagement between your customers in the group. Successfully run LinkedIn Groups can help provide you with a great place to build your professional community.

5. Give and Receive Quality Recommendations

Asking and giving recommendations broadens your network and establishes a positive reputation. While having recommendations and endorsements can help you to stand out in a sea of profiles, vague recommendations can actually have the opposite effect. A good way to start is by improving the quality of recommendations that you provide for others. If you have asked for a recommendation in return, you can provide that person with some guidelines to help the recommendation to stand out.

A good recommendation will include:

  • Your key strengths
  • Why it was enjoyable to work with you
  • One word that the person writing your recommendation would describe you with
  • A problem that the person writing your recommendation had which you helped them to overcome.

To make all of these points stronger, it is important to reinforce each idea with a specific example. While any recommendation is great to receive, highlighting your benefits and the value that you bring can really help you to standout in a crowded job market.

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Benefits Of Linkedin

Linkedin offers an online platform for networking, social selling and more for business professionals in all industries. If used correctly, it can be a gold mine with endless sales leads for your company. Linkedin can be a difficult platform to really tap in to, as often it comes across as a clutter of random connection requests and mundane or repetitious industry updates.

We here at Evolution Digital are experts in extracting leads and executing your business goals through the online professional network. We get past the clutter to identify the key benefits of having a prominent, consistent and well-glossed presence in the right areas of Linkedin.

Linkedin Training

Learn about your prospective client/customer/employee

Linkedin offers Directors and Managers the ability to analyse the profile of their prospects; to identify the quality of leads by delving into their professional background. Linkedin is a recruiters dream, with CVs, interests, education and previous work projects all attached to better inform your decision before picking up the phone.

Act as on an online vehicle for you and your brand

Linkedin gives you the opportunity like no other to present yourself and your brand’s image in a circle with other working professionals. Separating yourself from your competitors on Linkedin can give you the edge when it comes to standing out against the crowd and becoming the no.1 choice for Linkedin can give you the edge when it comes to standing out against the crowd and becoming the no.1 choice for whoever is your target audience. Linkedin has over 500 million members, with over half of this logging on each month, and a further 40% of these then logging on every day, proving that it is ripe with opportunity simply waiting to be excavated correctly.

The online home for your company

The use of company pages on Linkedin grew from 24% in 2015 to 57% in 2016. Brand’s are seeing more and more the fact that you are missing out by not being present on Linkedin, however it is crucial to develop goals and not be online just because everyone else is. A well polished company page, with consistent posts shows prospective clients that you are active, and can be the crucial difference in capturing new clients or customers. Relevant and quality content is just as important as frequency. The Company page also gives your brand the chance to:

  • Tell it’s brand story
  • Showcase your clients/projects
  • Show off your business locations and staff, presenting in a professional yet appealing manor.

Linkedin posted the following infographic earlier in the year, showing that marketers identified Company Pages as the no.1 aspect of the social network that they needed help with.

Infographic for Linkedin Products chart

Video on Linkedin

Linkedin was not traditionally associated with video, however things began to change in 2017 when they introduced the native video option for businesses. Since then, they have expanded their horizon further with the advent of sponsored video ads. Linkedin’s Senior product manager Peter Roybal announced last year that users are 20 times more likely to share video content that any other format. This proves the potential impact of your ads or campaigns provided there is engaging content, and you captures user’s attention early.

The right people

Linkedin is effective because of its primary audience; the prominent presence of middle and upper class individuals. Not only is there a strong presence of upper level individuals, but they are also amongst the most active. About 45% of article readers on Linkedin are in the upper ranks of industries, such as CEOS, VPs, managers etc, so you know your time is not wasted.
This automatically makes for higher quality leads, particularly if you seek out the right groups. As of August 2018, there are over 2 million Linkedin groups with over half of its users being a member of atleast one group. Linkedin groups had lost some steam in the last couple of years, but just this month they have announced some changes to breath life back into the area.

Graphic of Linkedin's market classes

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