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Not sure how to make the most of email marketing or simply don’t have the time? We can build your database and drive quality traffic that converts with irresistible email campaigns.

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of marketers said email marketing is their no.1 source of ROI

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing continues to be an essential cog in the digital marketing machine. With a global average open rate of 22.15% in 2019, your brand landing directly into your audience’s inbox continues to drive conversions. Email marketing is more than just promoting your brand, it’s about building a relationship with your customers and speaking to them directly.

Email marketing allows you to grow your subscriber list and encourage them to take action through relevant and useful content. Want to streamline your sales funnel? You can ensure that leads are captured and nurtured until they are ready to convert with smart automated campaigns. Let Evolution Digital prove to you that Email Marketing works!

“Through all the new channels of Digital Marketing in the last decade, Email Marketing has remained the most personal, cost-efficient and effective”

Maeve Doherty, Founder Evolution Digital

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Can You Relate?

  • Our business has no email addresses to send our marketing material to.
  • I have an email database but no email marketing tools.
  • I am sending emails but have a low open or click through rate.
  • We are getting good email traffic but very few conversions.

How Can Evolution Digital Help?

Encouraging your subscriber list to make moves with your business via email can be tricky. So why not hire a team of experts to swoop in and create campaigns that convert. With visually striking imagery and tempting copy, we can help you to nurture leads from warm to sizzling.

Benefits of Email Marketing

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Target Directly

Communicating to an audience that has already opted in to hear from you automatically increases the chance for conversions. Email marketing is your opportunity to speak to your customers directly.

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Encourage Action

Email Marketing allows you to turn warm leads into customers through enticing, personalised content that’s built to convert.

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Build loyalty

Email Marketing gives you a chance to promote a flash sale, or showcase promotions/offers directly to your customers or target audience, which keeps them coming back for more!

Kickstart Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Whether you’re sitting on a bank of email addresses with no clue how to approach them or need help building your subscriber base from scratch, we can help! Our experienced marketers can reinforce your brand and embolden your audience to convert. We know how to enlighten but not tire your audience with a well-timed mixture of promotional, informative and entertaining content. Want to reap the rewards of email marketing? Get in touch!

Why Choose Evolution Digital?

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Over 20 Years in Business

Over 800 Clients

Boutique, Personalised Service

Experts in over 20 Industries

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Our Clients

“Since joining forces with Evolution Digital we’ve really come to see the benefits of digital marketing. They perform our email marketing for us too which is a huge weight off our shoulders. The team they have is exceptional, the communication is especially brilliant and they really go above and beyond our expectations. If you’re looking for an experienced digital marketing company that not only knows how to get results, but truly cares about your business, Evolution Digital is the way to go.”

Maurice Wynn – MD, MadFlowers

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Email Marketing Case Study

Alongside managing and implementing an all inclusive digital marketing strategy for Madflowers, we began performing email marketing as a part of this in 2016. We were tasked with gathering new subscribers to continuously grow their email list and to nurture them into loyal customers through a steady stream of special offers and bespoke content. Now, 3% of their overall website traffic and 12% of their email conversions are attributed to our email marketing campaigns. Want to find out how we achieved this? Read the full email marketing case study below.

Email Marketing Services

There were over 293.6 Billion emails sent in 2020. Let Evolution Digital make yours stand out in 2021.

  • Subject Line Optimisation
  • Content Curation
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Optimal Send Times
  • CTR Optimisation
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Personalised Name Fields
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Mailchimp
  • Newsletters
  • A/B Testing
  • Remarketing