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Ultimate PPC Checklist

The Ultimate PPC Checklist

Small businesses especially find it difficult to get the most out of their AdWords campaigns as they do not have time for day to day management or the expertise to get the most out of AdWords. Therefore, we have created a short and precise PPC checklist to optimise the campaign from the first month which can be downloaded here.

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Digital Marketing

Your Website – What NOT to do!

Anyone who knows anything about digital marketing will be well aware that keeping Google HAPPY is one of the main things that your day-to-day work will revolve around. One type of traffic that every website owner wants more of is Organic Traffic. Why? Because it’s free!! However, getting Organic Traffic is not as simple as ticking a few of Google’s rules off your fingers…if it was our lives would be a lot easier!

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Non Linear Content

The importance of a nonlinear narrative for your website content

It is without doubt that the web has considerably changed how we read, consume, produce and connect with stories nowadays. We are now immersed in a world with many digital devices on a daily basis and new ways of shaping content has made us rethink how to present our stories.

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Your brand needs to be on Facebook

Why Your Brand Needs To Be Visible On Facebook?

In today’s digitally savvy age, the use of digital media has become increasingly common for companies of all sizes. Social media is a two way communication platform which makes measuring the effectiveness of a campaign very difficult. On an average, there are 1.9 million daily users of Facebook which is five times that of the Irish Times. The number of users on Facebook is even more than the viewership of Ireland’s most watched TV show ‘The Late Late Show’ which has a 1.5 million viewership. These facts show the importance of using social media as part of the marketing activities. Using platforms such as Facebook, companies can create a loyal fan following which is a strong competitive advantage for the company.

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