Web design trends, as like the technology behind them, is constantly evolving. Gone are the days of small resolutions and overcrowded pages with too many calls to action.

Here we will list some of the main trends you can expect to see more of this year and beyond.

Bigger is Better

The most popular trend you will see in most new sites is the use of all of the screen space. Big, impressive high resolution images fill the page, with minimal text.  As the user scrolls down the page, each area is a big dedicated images with one strong call to action. Compared to older websites which look small and cramped on modern high resolution screens.

Typography also has seen an evolution on websites over the last number of years and this style continues with headings and titles getting bigger, bolder & using custom fonts.

Web Design Trends

www.sassiholford.com embraces modern website trends

This creates a visual impact for the user, its clean and shows confidence in the website that you don’t need to bombard the user with too many CTA’s (Calls to Action)


HTML5 LogoHTML5 is a core technology mark-up language of the Internet used for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web. How this effects end users comes in many ways. HTML5 has huge benefits for websites across a wide range of areas. Flash not displaying on certain devices? HTML5 can replace flash and work on all browsers / devices. Adobe has discounted its support for the Flash mobile player in late 2012 as the writing was on the wall with the increased use of HTML5.

Want custom animation on your website without slow loading video? HTML 5. Looking to embed some video or audio on your website, but you don’t want some users to have it not load, due to them not having the right plug-in? HTML5 has build in Video & Audio playback.

There are of course a mountain load of other benefits which users might not notice such as HTML5 is optimized for mobile & apps. It’s all cross compatible with all major web browsers.


Design is best when its uncluttered and clean. By avoiding overcrowding the page with too many options you can focus the users attention, while creating a strong visual look.

Clean Simple Web Design

Clean & Simple


High Quality Imagery

Stock Photography, you can spot it a mile away. The cheesy smile, the hand shake, the George Clooney face that should be in a Gillette ad, the room too white and clinical looking to be any real office.  Along with low resolution poor photos, the next photo sin on a website is over reliance on stock imagery. Now don’t get me wrong, some can work in the right situation, but generally its best to avoid that smiley grey haired dad in a suit that ends up on both the solicitors website and the dentist website.

Stock Image Guy

Closeup portrait of handsome business man using laptop while looking at you. Why? Who knows.

To add real style and charm to your site, invest in real world, custom photography. Get a photographer into your office, or hire them to get some customs shots which represent your product or your customers in the real world. Do you have a shop, restaurant or showroom? Showing your team, product or services in action will benefit your business and the site ten fold.

High Quailty Photography

Use custom high quality images where you can to show off your business

Slide Out Menus

Instead of a long list with all page links, now we have a dedicated menu button which will slide out from the side of the screen to reveal the menu. Effectively dropping the old style in favour of the Smartphone method. This will create more parity for  users between the screen sizes and devices as well as maintaining the clean, uncluttered look of the website.

Responsive slide out menus

Clean slide out menus add consistency across viewing devices

Forever changing

You can expect to see more new websites adopt these design trends in some capacity, and as time goes on, new trends to replaces these or expand upon them. Who knows where web design will end up in 2016 and beyond.