Augmented Reality is quickly becoming the preferred way for customers to interact with brands. With AR, customers can “try on” products before they buy them, get a more immersive brand experience, and even purchase products directly from within the AR environment. This is an exciting development for businesses of all sizes!

Businesses can take their customer engagement and brand loyalty to the next level. By creating an enjoyable and memorable experience, businesses can ensure that their customers keep coming back for more.

#1 AR Live Stream Shopping

Live stream shopping will take the digital marketing world by storm in 2022. Described by Sprout Social as “a cross between a video stream, variety show, and group chat,” it is being increasingly used by brands to promote and sell products via eCommerce apps and social media platforms like Amazon Live or Instagram Live. 

What’s more, with the release of Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore, it is now possible for anyone with a smartphone to create and experience augmented reality. This means that live stream shopping is not only going to be big business for brands, but also for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

For brands that are hosting live stream shopping videos come a number of benefits which speeds up the selling process and reduces the reliance on businesses having physical stores.

On YouTube, creators can already enable “Beauty Try-On” — an AR ad format that allows viewers to try on beauty products virtually through a split-screen while watching makeup tutorials and reviews. 

This not only allows potential customers to see how products would look on them but also eliminates the need to go to a store and physically try on products. In addition, with AR live stream shopping, businesses can offer a more personalised experience by providing viewers with product recommendations based on their individual skin tone and style preferences.

#2 AR and Driving Sales

AR gives you another tool when it comes to driving sales and enhancing brand value through mobile devices. It’s not just about adding a new dimension to how customers interact with brands but also increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

As shoppers become more comfortable using augmented reality apps, they will naturally gravitate towards those businesses that provide the most seamless and satisfying AR experiences. This means that in order to stay ahead of the competition, businesses need to start utilising this form of content.

In addition to this, research has shown that people are more likely to make a purchase after using AR. A study by Accenture found that when consumers were able to use AR to see how products would look in their homes before buying them, they were 71% more likely to make a purchase.

#3 Create a buzz around your brand

Augmented reality can work both directly and indirectly for your digital marketing strategy. If you’re not launching a new product, you can still use AR technologies to uplift your brand reputation and increase awareness among the target audience. For example, you can use AR to create an immersive and interactive experience for potential customers at trade shows or other events.  Since AR is still a new concept in the market, using it as part of your marketing plan can help you create memorable moments for people.

When it comes to interacting with customers, brands are always looking for new and innovative ways to engage them. Augmented reality is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods due to its immersive and interactive nature. In fact, a study by PwC found that 78% of people would like to see more augmented reality from brands.

This is only the beginning of augmented reality. In the coming years, we will see more and more businesses utilising this technology to provide consumers with a better overall experience. 

#4 Championing Sustainability

AR provides marketers with the perfect opportunity to not only communicate sustainability messaging but for brands to bridge the divide between brand purpose and consumer trust.  In a recent study, 86% of respondents said they would pay more for sustainable products, and 91% believe that businesses should help improve the environment.

As we become increasingly aware of the effect our consumption habits have on the planet, it’s no surprise that sustainability is top of mind for many consumers. With AR, brands can turn products, packaging, and places into digital discovery channels that educate and excite consumers about the sustainability story behind their favorite brands.

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