We have all known the importance of having a mobile website over the past few years. However, now Google are going to penalise any websites that do not have a mobile friendly website. As of April 21st you may find it harder for your website to rank for mobile search if your website is not mobile optimised.  This is because as of April 21st, Google are bringing out a mobile friendly algorithm which will penalise websites that are not mobile optimised.

Google Mobile Friendly Results

Does your website appear as “Mobile-friendly” on Google?

In November 2014, Google gave us a hint of what was to come in the future when they added a ‘mobile friendly’ label to mobile search results, as seen below. Basically, any websites that have a mobile friendly website would have the label ‘mobile-friendly’ in the mobile searches. However if the website is not mobile friendly, there would be no label which would let the user know that your website was not mobile friendly. This was a sign of what was to come.

About 50% of all searches done on Google are on mobile devices, so if your website receives this kind of traffic then we highly recommend you get working on your website and make it mobile friendly. If you don’t make these changes before April 21st, to make your website mobile friendly then all of your mobile traffic that you receive to your website is at huge risk.

Responsive Website Check

Easily check if your website is responsive.

To find out if your website is optimised for your users, use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to see if Google sees your website as mobile friendly. Google will then tell you if your website is mobile optimised, as seen below.