Google Shopping recently arrived in Ireland. So what does this mean for Irish retailers? If you’re a retailer in Ireland you can now use Google shopping to promote your inventory and boost traffic to your website or retail store. Google shopping allows retailers to show their product image, alongside the price and product description at the top of search results.

The Benefits

Increase traffic: Businesses experience higher click through rates (CTR) when implementing Shopping ads compared to text ads.  In some case the CTR rates for shopping ads have been triple the amount compared to standard text ads.

Higher quality leads: As a retailer, you can increase the quality of your leads. Google shopping allows retailers to add product information directly in the ads, this enables shoppers to make a more informed decision. Shoppers are more likely to complete a purchase on your website when they have more information pertaining to the product they are interested in.

Increased presence: google shopping allows for more than one of your shopping ads to appear as a user’s search result. A shopping ad and a text ad can appear at the same time. This means that a retailer’s reach with shoppers for a single search could double.

The Results

Google shopping is new to Ireland but has been in operation for a long time. This allows us to look at some of the results from territories which have already enjoyed the benefits of Google shopping.

  • A 90% increase website visits
  • A 37% increase in conversion rates
  • 3 times higher click through rate

Price conscientious

It is important to note that the price and picture of your product will appear alongside the price and picture of a competing product. If your prices are seen to be to high, whist a competing business posts a similar product with a lower price, this may lead to customers choosing a competitors product ahead of your product offering. It is also important to note if your product appear to consistently be more expensive than your competitor’s product it may result in your business earning itself a bad reputation, a reputation for being very expensive.

Evolution digital is delighted to announce that we are running Google shopping campaigns for our clients. If you are a retailer or selling products online why not get in touch.