The landscape of eCommerce Web Design is constantly evolving and new trends are always emerging. In order to ensure the best user-experience for your visitors you must ensure that your site stays relevant. The number of customers using their mobile for transactions is always increasing meaning sites need to be more adaptable. Here at Evolution Digital, we always keep up with the latest trends in eCommerce Web Design so that we can ensure that we design the best site for your business.

Check out some of the most popular trends in eCommerce Web Design of 2017:

1 Responsive Design (Mobile-First Approach)

The Mobilegeddon is still upon us. Since Google Penguin comprehended that more individuals are utilizing their mobiles for online transactions, the mobile-first approach has been the highlight of eCommerce websites. The algorithm has caused every eCommerce website to center around making a more mobile responsive design. However, web designers this year are looking at creating new eCommerce websites for mobile first and after that making it responsive for other device viewing. This has been one of the biggest trends this year as Google are looking to begin switching to Mobile First Indexing in Q1 of 2018. This means that algorithms will eventually use the mobile version of a site’s content primarily to rank pages from that site. However, according to Gary Illyes, Google Webmaster trends analyst, this won’t be completed for another 5 years. So web designers, there’s your warning.

2 ChatBots

Since 2016, this has been the hottest term in the eCommerce website design industry and it looks set to stay one well into 2017/18. ChatBots or conversational bots have been integrated into eCommerce web design to offer an overall better user experience. They are known to create a more personalised experience for the user by offering help and understanding the customers’ needs by taking all shopping enquiries. We predict that all small, medium or large eCommerce sites will have this implemented in the coming years.

3 Long Page Scroll Design

A single page view adds to user-experience on a website. There is no need for them to break fixation to inconveniently click the next button to view the next set of products. This trend of single page loading continues to load up to 100 products on a page before having to click next. As the user scrolls, the page continues to add new products only as they are required so it takes less time loading than that of a new page. This design causes less interference with user-experience which is why we believe it will dominate eCommerce Website Design this year.

4 Cinemagraphs

Unlike GIFs, a cinemagraph is a still picture to which a small repeating animation has been added. It’s a subtly eye-catching movement that adds a mini-video experience to the image. They are perfect to use as background images, category headers, homepage banners and even for product images on your eCommerce website.

5 Material Design

The popularity of material design has grown since its first introduction in 2014 and we believe it will make an even bigger impact on eCommerce website design in 2017! Material design is a realistic, content focused design that allows for a minimalistic appearance. Web designers use shadow effects to add depth, responsive animations, transitions and card-like formats to add realism to a user’s experience on the site.

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