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4 Advantages of Working with a small Digital Marketing Agency

Running a business and want to improve your digital visibility? But you’ve no clue how to work social media, no idea what search engine optimization is and are clueless at running ads, and you don’t have the time to learn how to master these skills? This is where our digital marketing expertise comes into play! The time has come to get outside help, to outsource and get assistance with digital marketing for your business. Now comes the fork in the road where you need to choose who to entrust your time, money and digital forefront to.

There are many options you can take in terms of freelancers, hiring someone to work directly for you, or a digital marketing agency. If you’ve narrowed it down to an agency, we’re here to advise you on why choosing a smaller, boutique agency is a better direction to take rather than a large corporate agency. People often think about investing their trust in large corporations, since they must be proclaimed and successful for a reason, and while yes, this is a fair point, large agencies may have grown for a reason, but now that they’ve scaled to such a large perimeter, means that they in fact have less time for clients and have become impersonal with them. Smaller companies like Evolution Digital offer one on one personal experiences.

We’re small but mighty and have been helping businesses with their digital needs for over 20 years. We have the knowledge and experience as well as the time and attentiveness your business needs.



One of the main advantages to a boutique agency is how accessible they can be. With huge corporations, it can be tough to even initiate contact, to even organise a meeting with them to join their client list. On the other hand, smaller digital marketing agencies, like Evolution Digital, are great because we’re only a simple phone call away, are ready and are excited to help you and your business. We can be flexible with our time, quick with responses to queries and efficient with implementing campaigns. Smaller companies can implement changes you need quicker, with their advantage of a shorter chain of command, employees have the flexibility and power to assist, make decisions and communicate directly with clients. In a larger business, all changes need to go through a lot of red tape before changes, no matter how small, can be made.



Bigger companies can have hundreds and hundreds of clients that need looking after, which often forces them to provide their clientele with the bare minimum level of work. Their goal is to often get exactly what work needs to be done that’s necessary, they can’t afford to offer extra time and attention to your business because there are so many more that need their attention, many of which may have more urgent queries than yours. They need to spread themselves thinly, to give all their clients the necessary attention, but rarely more. Boutique businesses pride themselves on offering a service that goes above and beyond what is expected. We invest time and care into each of our clients and know the business intimately. We can listen to your needs and offer a personal experience, never rushing you out the door or off the phone. Basically; we care.



Bigger companies often don’t have the time to be creative with their work, the level of work they need to do for each of their many clients can frequently lead to standard, unoriginal, template content. A huge advantage to smaller companies is that we have the flexibility, time and understanding of each client of our clients that we can offer customized, unique, fresh ideas and content. With a smaller agency, you’ll be working with a team of much more skilled people, specialised in their field. A smaller team to fill means you’ll be getting the best of the best, you’ll also mostly be dealing with the same account manager for your time with the agency, whereas in larger companies your account can be passed around often. Having the same team working on your business means the people working on your account are highly familiarised with your account, and understand your business. 



Smaller companies have a smaller circle of more hands-on experienced workers, this and other pricing factors contribute to the company having less expenses and less overhead. This can allow for lower pricing options for digital services that are in fact of higher standard than that of a large corporate agency who will charge a much higher fee. If you have a lower budget to allocate, it’s better to choose a smaller agency who have not only lower fees, but more effective and personalised strategies, offering you a one on one experience with a team willing to go above and beyond your price tag.


We hope we helped guide your decision and while we may seem biased, all the above are valid points on why it’s better to go with a digital marketing agency that can provide for your needs and give you the attention you deserve. Don’t forget, the best gifts come in small packages…

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