benefits of blogging for marketing and business

4 Advantages Of Blogging For Marketing Success

You may be under the impression that blogging is a thing of the past, or irrelevant for business, but we are here to tell you why this is far from the truth. Or perhaps you look around and find that few or none of your competitors are taking part in blogging for business, does this mean you shouldn’t either?; No, this should only encourage you more seeing as you will be a step ahead of the competition. 

This is going to be a blog on why blogs are great. For business, for driving sales, for marketing and for us to write and you to read!


1. Content Marketing Goldmine- Major SEO and Social Media Benefits.

Updated content is still one of the best ways to come out on top of competitors when it comes to SEO. Writing blogs is essentially one of the best, easiest and most inexpensive ways to produce content. The more you put out there, the more you can pull in. Having more optimised content on your website means people have that much more opportunity to stumble across your website, there’s much more opportunity to up your rankings and in turn; your visibility. Performing keyword research and uploading fresh content that is optimised for keywords is the key to upping your rankings. Blogging can also be a great addition to your social media platforms; adding to your online presence by sharing links to well written blog posts. In today’s day and age; social media is a major factor that comes into play on whether consumers will be interested in your product or service. Bottom line; if your content looks good; your brand looks good.

2. Drive Traffic To Your Website.

With all the extra optimised content you have been producing via blogging; this means your website is more likely to appear when keywords are searched, and so hopefully more clicks into your site. Not only that, but placing links and hyperlinks within blogs is a sure-fire way to promote traffic to your desired platform, or internal links leading to your desired landing page. Sharing your blogs via social media, again; means opportunity for web traffic. 

3. Establish Your Brand as an Industry Leader and Expert.

It’s safe to say that people are impressionable. And most of them take what they read as fact. Generating well-written and researched blogs on your industry niche will ensure that readers will; not only trust and believe what you are writing, but will be impressed enough to come back for more. Soon you’ll be their go to source for information and news regarding your industry. 

For example, if you’re a clothing brand or retailer, having a fashion blog could be the perfect opportunity to provide information about latest trends to your readers and clients, thus allowing a space where you can reference your products that are in line with these trends; encouraging sales at the same time as being informative to fashion lovers. This allows for your voice to be heard. Acquiring a loyal readership will allow you to post information on your specific product, service or brand to be seen, making for the perfect platform for shameless plugs to your business. 

4. Develop Consumer Trust and Relationships.

Creating a good relationship with consumers is vital in creating positive brand awareness. Presenting your brand as professional, informed within its industry and trustworthy is highly important in acquiring and retaining customers. Consumers don’t follow or value brands that simply promote their product all the time and offer them nothing but sales-driven content. Offering your consumers something of interest or value is a great way to earn a positive reputation and make the user experience an enjoyable and informative one. Build trust by being a reliable source of information in your industry; and make loyal customers and followers for life. 


Blogging is an underrated marketing asset that is a must for establishing online business and positive brand awareness. 

Happy blogging!

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