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What is Pay-Per-Click/Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results. The “pay per click” means you can dictate where your ad appears through bidding for a series of phrases, but you only pay the amount you have bid for if someone clicks on your ad as a result of a web search, i.e. pay per click!

Evolution Digital are a PPC Agency in Dublin who can help you to do just that by creating successful, quality Google Ads campaigns. For over 15 years we have been working with clients to produce targeted campaigns that will have the best results for your business at the lowest possible cost.

How can we help?

As experts at what we do, we understand that a poorly designed and managed Ads campaign can end up costing you a lot of money and ultimately cost you a lot of potential leads. For this reason, it is important to us that we work with you from start to finish, creating campaigns that best represent your business needs and that will pinpoint your target audiences. By doing this we can ensure that the traffic coming to your website is increased not just in numbers, but in quality.

Our PPC Management Services include

  • Carrying out an extensive keyword research
  • Ads Campaign set up
  • Setting up the Ads Conversions and Goals on Google Analytics.
  • Creating Adgroups
  • Creating Ad Extensions
  • Creating the Ads for Campaigns
  • On-going campaign optimisation
  • Mobile Targeted Advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Display Marketing

Benefits of Google Ads

  • Budget friendly: You can start off with a very small budget to “test the water” and pause your campaign whenever you want.
  • Quick Results– An SEO strategy can take a couple of months before you see any results, while with a Google Ads strategy you get to see your ads straight away.
  • The Top three results on the search engine are PPC ads
  • Ads is measurable- Every single aspect of your Ads campaign is measurable, right down to the number of clicks, number of impressions, click through rate , number of conversions, conversion rate, and the cost per click. Having a dedicated team regularly optimising your campaigns, fine tuning keywords/ads/ad groups will ensure your performance improve over time.
  • Highly Targeted
    An Ads campaign is highly targeted. With Ads, there are options for :

    • Location Targeting – Google Ads allows you to target specific geographic locations. You can choose countries, cities or even a radius around a location.
    • Time Targeting- Ads allows you target users at particular times of the day.
    • Mobile Targeting – Ads allows you to target mobile devices.
    • Language Targeting – Ads has over 40 language options for campaign targeting.


One of the first steps we will take in creating your campaign is to conduct in-depth keyword research for the specific product or service you are wishing to promote. By choosing keywords with a high search volume and low competition, we will help you to drive more targeted traffic to your website and lower your cost-per-click. By continually monitoring your campaign we will ensure that click rates remain high, your keywords stay relevant and your cost per conversion stays low.

Monthly Ads Work

The qualified experts in our PPC Agency in Dublin complete the following work for you:

  • Monthly Google Ads Report
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Adding negative keywords
  • Adding new keywords
  • Adding new extensions
  • Adjusting Bids
  • Changing underperforming ads


Evolution Digital are one of the longest standing PPC Agencies in Ireland. Contact us today on 01 288 5118 for more information, or email

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