Universal App Campaigns

Want more app downloads? Other advertising methods not working out? We can help!

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Advertise Your App with Evolution Digital

UAC campaigns drive app downloads through ads shown across display, search, Youtube and most importantly the Play store. Our approach to UAC optimisation combines Google’s machine learning with our experience and expertise to deliver the most conversions possible for your budget.

Although UAC campaigns work across Google properties they drive the majority of their installs from the play store. Google’s machine learning algorithms optimise your UAC advert to show your app at the time and place most likely to result in a conversion.

If you need to drive app downloads, Google app campaigns are one of the most powerful ways to do so. Talk to us today about creating custom campaigns for your app.

more conversions than other app install advertising channels
of impressions on UAC campaigns were video based
of users most likely to find new apps from play store/apple app store
average cost per install from Google search

Benefits of Universal App Campaigns

  • Play Store: It’s fine running search, display or video ads for your app but if you really want to see your install rates go through the roof you need your app to appear prominently in results in the play store. This makes UAC a must for all app advertisers.
  • Smart Bidding: Google’s A.I. technology optimises your bids based on contextual signals that indicate the likelihood of an install. Google’s smart bidding tools are specifically designed to help drive a higher return on your investment.

  • Responsive Ads: UAC campaigns use the responsive ad format. You upload the images, copy and video you believe best promotes your advert and Google optimises it on the go. This ensures that each user see’s a version of your advert that is most likely to result in a click and an install.
  • Lower Costs: When compared to search, display, video and many other ads formats UAC campaigns provide for a much lower cost per install. Talk to us today to see what a Google ads campaign specifically designed for app advertisers can do for your business.

Our Clients

I have been working with Evolution since 2016. Mainly with a view to growing our online sales through SEO and paid search. Over the past number of years I have seen steady growth from both channels leading to a huge increase in online revenue over the past four years. The team at Evolution have been extremely helpful and friendly and always seem to be striving to improve our campaigns performance where possible. I would happily recommend them to any business looking to improve their digital marketing efforts and drive more website sales and enquiries.”

David Kelly – MD, Coving Direct

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