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Get Noticed With Google Search Ads

Invest in highly effective search advertising campaigns, built, monitored & optimised by our experienced professionals who know what it takes to ensure the best return on your investment.

For most clients, search advertising is where the majority of their budget will be spent. Google search advertising is one of longest standing forms of online advertising and for good reason: it just works! If you want to reach your customers right at the moment they are searching for your products or services and you want to do it fast, Google search is the vital tool you need.

At Evolution Digital, we have over 20 years of experience running Google search campaigns. We know Google’s quality score guidelines inside and out but, more importantly, we know the strategies that will work for your business no matter what the industry. Get in touch today to see how we can make your Google search campaign a success.

of users say paid search ads make it easier to find information
made for every 1€ spent on average
of all clicks go to high commercial content products
more likely to purchase from a paid ad than organic

Benefits of Search Ads

  • It’s Controlled: Pay per click model means you only pay for the traffic you receive and you decide how much that traffic is worth to you. Google also gives you total control of your ad spend. You choose your monthly budget and we do the rest.
  • It’s Fast: As long as your ads meet Google’s editorial requirements, your ads can be on the first page of search results within hours. Need to connect with your audience right away? We can make it happen.
  • It’s Detailed: You decide where and when your ads are shown, what keywords you show up for and what keywords you don’t. Search ads give advertisers unparalleled, granular control over their campaigns to ensure you reach your ideal audience in the right way.
  • It’s engaging: Google search gives advertisers the opportunity to connect with customers right at the moment they are looking for your products or services. Can you afford not to connect with this audience?

Our Clients

I have been working with Evolution since 2016. Mainly with a view to growing our online sales through SEO and paid search. Over the past number of years I have seen steady growth from both channels leading to a huge increase in online revenue over the past four years. The team at Evolution have been extremely helpful and friendly and always seem to be striving to improve our campaigns performance where possible. I would happily recommend them to any business looking to improve their digital marketing efforts and drive more website sales and enquiries.”

David Kelly – MD, Coving Direct

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