Coving Direct

Google Ads Strategy

The Task

Coving Direct are a leading supplier of decorative coving in Ireland and the UK. In 2016, they tasked us with identifying profitable opportunities to scale their Google Ads campaigns, drive more conversions, and increase traffic while significantly reducing their Google advertising costs. Want to know how we decreased their cost per conversion by 65% and increased their conversions by 72%? Keep reading..

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The Solution

  • We immediately set about improving the quality score of the campaigns by making amendments to ad copy, landing pages and extensions to improve the client’s relevance score and CTR.
  • We identified and removed unnecessary or non cost effective keywords which immediately decreased their cpc by more than half.
  • Through careful ongoing optimisation, we were able to further decrease this which freed up a substantial budget for Coving to expand their campaigns in the months ahead.
  • We then were able to test and apply new keywords, variations on keyword match types and new ad formats allowing us to increase the reach of the campaigns and scale up their audience.

The Result

  • We achieved a massive improvement in the number of sales generated with a huge reduction in costs with our revised and scaled campaigns.
  • We decreased their cpc by 57% within the first few months and increased conversions by 72%!
  • The significant increase in conversions were a direct result of the additional budget that had been freed up within the first few months of our takeover.
  • The campaign continues to grow and build upon the success of it’s initial optimisation and profitable expansion.
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Increase in Conversions
Increase in Clicks
Reduction in Campaign Cost
Reduction in Cost Per Conversion

“I have been working with Evolution since 2016. Mainly with a view to growing our online sales through SEO and paid search. Over the past number of years I have seen steady growth from both channels leading to a huge increase in online revenue over the past four years. The team at Evolution have been extremely helpful and friendly and always seem to be striving to improve our campaigns performance where possible. I would happily recommend them to any business looking to improve their digital marketing efforts and drive more website sales and enquiries.”

David Kelly, MD Coving Direct