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Twitter ads not yet a part of your strategy? We can show you how a tailored Twitter strategy can produce healthy ROI.

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more time spent by users on Twitter Ads than other social media ads
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of Twitter Users are affluent millenials

Make The Most From Twitter Ads With Our Agency In Dublin.

Not only is Twitter’s advertising system affordable, you can also play around with it’s versatile targeting system which certainly stands up against Facebook’s intuitive algorithm. You might find that your target audience are tweeters but not so much Instagrammers, this crowd likes real time connections and staying in the know. Find the right target audience based on specific interests and hashtags.

Features of Twitter Marketing

  • Hashtag Targeting: We all know that the foundation upon which Twitter is built is hashtags. Unsurprisingly, you can target certain hashtags when creating a campaign, which is basically the same as keyword targeting. This is highly effective considering you’re almost always likely to be highly relevant to what your audience is searching for.
  • Custom Audience
    Though you can upload customer lists to Facebook in order to remarket to them, Twitter takes this to a new level. You can create custom audiences by inputting individual users twitter handles into a list. Say you want to target all followers of your main competitor? We simply generate a contact database from their followers and target them directly. This is a very nice feature on this advertising platform.
  • Follower Lookalikes: Working similarly to Facebook’s lookalike targeting option, not only can you target people who follow certain accounts, you can also target their lookalikes. Exhausted your targeting list already? We can easily find more people who behave exactly like your target audience with the lookalikes feature.
  • Cost: Unlike other social advertising platforms where you pay per 1,000 impressions or per click despite how much it costs to end up with your desired conversion or result, Twitter is slightly different. With Twitter’s advertising system, you only pay per result. This means if you get 5 product sales, you only pay for the product sales, all of the brand awareness generated by impressions and clicks are a bonus. Twitter is a very cost effective advertising platform, with costs per click averaging just a few cents.

Our Clients

“Evolution Digital came on board when we were struggling to push ticket sales and reach our targets. We needed something different and innovative to drive our campaign home. Evolution created a fantastic campaign that reflected the cause and executed it to a high standard. They used each channel to accelerate results and the awareness generated was excellent.”

Tom Lynch – Founder, The Ink Factory

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