Tik Tok Advertising

Can’t make heads or tails of these crazy Tik Tok dances? We know how to accelerate your brand on Tik Tok.

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of Tik Tok users are between the age of 16-24
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What You Need to Know About Tik Tok

It’s the platform that’s now turned into a craze sweeping the globe. Mainly used by those in the Gen Z category but slowly opening up it’s interactive video based community to people of all ages. With over 800 million active users per month, you’d be mad not to keep an eye on this new trend. We would recommend developing a strong organic strategy to get a headstart on the competition as this ever-growing platform takes off more and more with your target audience

Features of Tik Tok Marketing

  • Instream Video Ads: The video ad format available allows you to create custom video campaigns in partnership with one of the Tik Tok ad representatives, to ensure that your ad appears in your target audience’s feeds.
  • Hashtag Challenge: Working with a Tik Tok ads representative, you can create a custom hashtag challenge that will encourage users to interact with the challenge, thus boosting your brand affinity and engagement.
  • Brand Takeover: This ad format shows up when users open up their Tik Tok account and washes over the entire screen for a short period of time before turning back into a regular in stream video ad.
  • Branded Augmented Reality: Your brand is promoted through the creation of stickers, filters and other 3D content that users can add to their own content.
  • Influencer Marketing: It might surprise you to know that there are some teenage influencers making billions off of Tik Tok with huge followings, have your brand endorsed by one of these influencers with a custom package.
  • Pricing:
    We predict the advertising system will slowly become more accessible to those with smaller budgets. For now, unless you have a hefty budget of at least €500 per day to spend on your advertising, your organic strategy needs to be dynamite.

Our Clients

“Evolution Digital came on board when we were struggling to push ticket sales and reach our targets. We needed something different and innovative to drive our campaign home. Evolution created a fantastic campaign that reflected the cause and executed it to a high standard. They used each channel to accelerate results and the awareness generated was excellent.”

Tom Lynch – Founder, The Ink Factory

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