Pinterest Advertising

Want more people pinning your brand? Find out how your online presence can be boosted through a targeted Pinterest strategy.

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Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is a different breed of social media, the way it works is more similar to a search engine. Typically, a social media platform serves the purpose of allowing it’s users to communicate with each other and share content.  Pinterest works differently as it’s audience generally doesn’t use it to connect with each other, instead, they use it to find inspo for their home decor or ideas for craft projects etc. Once they find content that interests them, they can sort all of these ‘pins’ into individual boards.

Social media tools are not just about giving people a voice, but giving them a way to collaborate, contribute and connect

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Features of Pinterest

  • Seamless Ads The beautiful thing about Pinterest advertising is how your ‘promoted pins’ seamlessly blend into the rest of the users feed when browsing. This means that your audience don’t feel ‘interrupted’ by an ad disturbing their newsfeed.

  • Customers Buy Directly This is similar to the ‘product tagging’ option that Facebook and Instagram provides. Here, we can invite users to ‘Shop the look’, this feature allows us to pinpoint different products for sale in the same image which users can click on and be lead to the landing page where they can buy the item. If you sell interior products for example, you can display a finished project and then tag all of the products within the image, allowing users to easily buy directly from the pin.

  • Boost Your SEO  Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is an opportunity to generate some organic traffic through dynamic SEO tactics. By using keywords in your pins, you can attract people searching for things like ‘leather couch’ or ‘garden design ideas’ to find your pin for inspiration both through Google Search and Pinterest Search.

  • Keyword Targeting Unlike other social media advertising systems, you choose your target audience based on what interests they have or on the keywords they are searching for. Many people overlook the incredible opportunity of this platform to get people interacting with your business.
  • Cost Efficient Pinterest advertising is fairly cost effective, it’s cheaper on average the Google Ads and can produce incredible results depending on your brand. Creating pinnable content is key and will ensure your cost per conversion stays low.