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No time to faff about with your Linkedin company page or run ads? We know how to reach your ideal target audience and keep them interested.

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Reach The Right Audience with Linkedin…

There’s a reason why you’ve read that Linkedin is the perfect platform for B2B sales absolutely everywhere. It’s true, want to target professionals and decision makers? Linkedin has to be a part of your strategy. With over 660 million active users every month, there’s plenty of connections just waiting to be secured with your B2B audience.

Features of Linkedin Advertising

  • Sponsored Inmails: This format of advertising is unique to Linkedin. Send a message from you or someone else in your organisation to your target audience for as little as .10 cent per message send. These ads disguised as inmails are more cost effective than sponsored content and can yield great results, especially when the messaging aligns with your target audience.
  • Sponsored Content: This is Linkedin’s display format, and gives you the opportunity to capture your target audience’s attention with highly visual and highly engaging content. Ads that don’t feel like ads are essential on this platform, thousands of people are giving a sales pitch at any given time, this means that you need to ensure that you stand out from the crowd of B2B salesmen with clickable, shareworthy content.
  • Carousel: This is a similar format to Facebook, in that you can provide a series of images and headlines with links to different products to tell a story to your target audience or display multiple products at once. The user can simply swipe back and forth through the different cards providing a more interactive type of experience.
  • Lookalike Audiences: Linkedin requires a minimum ad spend of €10 per day. This can quickly rack up quite a bill if your ads are not targeted correctly or engaging enough. We ensure that our clients money is well spent on this platform, capturing high quality leads and driving professional traffic to their site.

Our Clients

“Evolution Digital came on board when we were struggling to push ticket sales and reach our targets. We needed something different and innovative to drive our campaign home. Evolution created a fantastic campaign that reflected the cause and executed it to a high standard. They used each channel to accelerate results and the awareness generated was excellent.”

Tom Lynch – Founder, The Ink Factory

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