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Writing, optimising, and uploading blogs to your website is a key part of SEO. Writing fresh content for your website is a way of showing Google you are active, authoritative, and are staying up to date on the latest trends. Blogging has other benefits to SEO, relating to particular keywords. Each services page on your site should only have a limited amount of keywords it is being optimised for. Writing a blog however, and having an internal link back to your service page, allows you to optimise for further keywords, and usually more long tail.

Blogs must follow general on page optimisation guidelines, such as meta data, headings and image alt text etc. Having a strong word count, as well as an optimal keyword density are important again. Try and create a content calender of blogs covering different topics, and make sure to share them on social media, or try and have them featured on other websites to receive a backlink. Get in touch with Evolution Digital today, and see examples of our professional blog writing capabilities.

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Why Choose Evolution Digital For SEO?

Does your business lack a stable influx of quality leads? Want to increase the flow of genuine, ‘ready to take action’ prospects visiting your site? Leave it in the capable hands of our diligent SEO experts to improve your rankings month after month, giving you more time to focus on your business!

  • SEO Scientists: We’ve been around the block a few times, helping hundreds of companies to build organic traffic since the last Millennium. We know the science of SEO inside and out.
  • Boutique Benefits: We are a small agency who dedicate time to local SEO techniques such as local backlinks, voice search optimisation and more. Some larger agencies may not be able to give you or your SEO the attention it deserves.
  • Business Brainpower: We are Google My Business specialists and know how to leverage it for SEO. We help you to appear more prominently for local searches by optimising this profile page, and constantly updating it with posts, pictures and latest keywords.
  • Proof is in the Pudding: How did you find this page? Did you Google “Digital Marketing Agency” or “SEO Agency”? Did you see Evolution Digital at the top? We know how to get there, and can help you get there too through our proven search engine optimisation strategies.