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small brands killing it on social media

Small Irish Brands Killing it on Social Media

It’s no secret that social media marketing is now an integral part of digital marketing. It can be a great way to promote a small business just starting off, as it is inexpensive, easy to use, and can reach a large number of potential consumers. With so many businesses now using social media, however, it can be hard for small Irish businesses to stand out in an ever-changing industry that can be extremely noisy and crowded. We’ve compiled a list of 10 small Irish businesses that are truly embracing social media as a lucrative marketing platform.

Folkster (@shopfolkster)

best irish companies on social media

Folker is an independent female-owned Irish clothing and accessories retailer. The brand are based in Kilkenny and also opened a pop-up store at Dundrum Town Centre in Dublin just before Christmas. With 88.5k followers on Instagram, the brand actively uses this platform to promote and engage with customers. Through using the built-in Instagram shop feature and through regular and insightful posting, the brand is paving the way for trendy Irish-owned fashion retailers.


Craft Cocktails (@irishcraftcocktails)

craft cocktails

Having only begun their business venture a couple of months ago, Craft Cocktails are a prime example of a business who had to adapt their offerings when the pandemic hit. The talented bartenders of the award-winning cocktail bar BAR 1661 got together and founded a craft cocktail business, which offers delivery across Ireland, personalised labeling and a variety of delicious cocktails. Having only started their Instagram page at the beginning of October, it is clear that so much effort has gone into the creativity of the images and the brand as a whole.


Gym+Coffee (@gympluscoffee)


Gym+Coffee is an Irish designed athleisure company that not only sells gym and coffee-related products – but also a way of life. With over 70k followers on Instagram and stores in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and London, the business that started with three young entrepreneurs looking to establish a community of coffee enthusiasts has turned into something much bigger than they were expecting. The brand is now one of the most recognised athleisure brands in Ireland and the UK and uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to successfully market their products.


Wild Éire (@thewildeire)

wild eire 

Wild Éire are a relatively new brand that sells vintage and reworked clothing, while placing a significant emphasis on sustainability. The brand has created a large community of vintage fashion lovers and often donates their proceeds to various charities and promotes the importance of mental health and wellbeing. The brand is extremely active and engaging on social media, both with their followers and with other small Irish businesses.


The Happy Pear (@thehappypear)

irish social media company

The Happy Pear has been going from strength to strength since twin brothers Dave and Steve set up a small vegetable shop in 2004 with a dream to inspire healthy and plant-based eating. With over 500k Instagram followers, four #1 best-selling books and 120 employees, The Happy Pear is a prime example of a small Irish business success story. The brand makes great use out of their social media channels to showcase their beautiful produce, to provide information about courses and cookbooks and to brighten their followers’ days with stunning photos of Greystones, where they are based.


Eight Degrees Brewing (@eightdegreesbrewing)

social media agency

Eight Degrees Brewing is an Irish microbrewery located in Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. The company offers a selection of unique and adventurous beers and ales, all available for delivery, and their Instagram page will be sure to keep you informed of everything beer and brewing-related. Their Sunburnt Irish Red was recently named World’s Best Pale Amber at this year’s World Beer Awards.


West Cork Beard Company (@westcorkbeardcompany)

west cork beard 

West Cork Beard Company is an Irish business, offering natural, handmade beard care products. The Clonakility based brand often showcases the gorgeous West Cork scenery in their photos, alongside their impressive beard care products.


Sculpted by Aimee Cosmetics (@sculptedbyaimee)

sculpted by aimee 

Sculpted by Aimee Cosmetics is an Irish makeup brand founded in 2016 by professional Dublin makeup artist Aimee Connolly. The brand has grown significantly since its founding and now provides a full range of makeup products, available to purchase on their website and through various retail outlets. The brand is extremely active on social media with over 70k followers, as well as Aimee’s personal page with over 120k. It is clear that Aimee and her brand have used their social media platform to their advantage and are quickly becoming a well-established Irish makeup brand.


Seoidín Jewellery (@seoidinjewellery)

ireland social media influencers

Founded in a small town in the West of Ireland in 1996 by Maureen Harrison, Seoidín Jewellery is an Irish jewellery brand that creates unique pieces of jewellery, inspired by Ireland. The brand utilises social media by displaying their jewellery beautifully on their Instagram page, providing links to the products using the Instagram shop feature.


Lovin Dublin (@lovindublin)

social media ireland

Finally we have Lovin Dublin, an informative blog that provides the latest Dublin-related tips and tricks. Their website and social media pages provide up-to-date information about food, retail and activities in the capital, as well as providing stunning images of the Dublin area, as you can see above. Lovin Dublin regularly collaborate with other brands through various competitions and give-aways – all the more reason to give them a follow!


Social Media Marketing with Evolution Digital

For help on social media marketing for your business, contact our full-service social media agency today by emailing or calling (01) 288 5118.

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top social media tips for small businesses

Social Media Tips for Small Businesses in Ireland

The importance of social media for small businesses is understated and its potential is often disregarded. A social media presence is sometimes seen as an after-thought to a new business, when in fact, many small brands have now actually started their business through the use of social media alone. Dollar Shave Club, for example, started with a viral YouTube video ad, and the make-up brand Glossier began as a beauty blog and Instagram account. The idea of building up a customer base on social media is not only cheaper, but can be much more effective than trying to promote a business without any social media engagement. With this in mind, we’ve put together our top tips for small businesses, looking to make the most out of social media in 2021.

Be Responsive

Use the fact that you’re a small business to your advantage. Yes, larger businesses may have the resources to make impressive Instagram videos or to work with professional photographers, but small businesses have the ability to provide much better customer service. Potential customers will value the fact that you’re able to respond to their direct messages straight away, and can help them with their queries, whereas larger companies may use automated messages or bots to respond to their customers. Make use out of interactive material such as Instagram stories or Linkedin polls. Create regular competitions and show your followers appreciation. Do what larger companies struggle to do efficiently – reply to comments, engage with customers and provide fast and efficient customer service. Even if you become a large, successful company yourself in time, this customer service will stand to you and you will have gained a great reputation for providing exceptional customer service from when you first started out.

Don’t Just Promote Yourself

Brands can often make the mistake of overly self-promoting on their social media channels. The promotion of your brand and your products is, of course, important, but it should be sprinkled into your posts rather than dominating your accounts. For the most part, your organic social media content will be viewed by users who are already following you, which means there’s no need to self-promote too much – leave that for paid social ads. Your followers want to see engaging and interesting content like quizzes, polls, memes or relevant industry information. Take the world-renowned chocolatier Lindt, for example. Rather than flooding their channels with products and prices, they provide interesting and aesthetically pleasing content. Their quizzes about the brand’s history and re-posts of fans’ chocolate creations on their Instagram story provides fun, engaging content that will keep customers invested in the brand and its business.


social media tips for small business social media tips for small business social media tips for small business

Utilise Paid Social Ads

Creating paid social advertising campaigns can really help to promote brand awareness, which is vital for small businesses. With paid social media ads, you can target your ads at specific audiences based on gender, location, age and interests. It is important to make sure that you’re using the right platforms to advertise your business, however. Look at the average age demographics for each platform and see which one would best suit your brand and your industry. A business targeted at an older generation would have little reason to use TikTok ads, whereas Facebook ads may not be the best option for a product directed at teenagers. Paid social advertising promotes brand awareness, credibility and ultimately, sales. Spending even a few euro a day on paid social advertising can really improve the growth of small businesses and should not be disregarded.

social media tips ireland business

Keep Track of your Metrics

So you’ve invested in paid social ads and you’re keeping on top of your organic social media content – great! But how do you know if any of it is working? This is where you need to be keeping track of your metrics so you can analyse your efforts and see what’s working and what isn’t. The metrics you choose to look at will be defined by the goals you have set. For example, if your goal is to improve brand awareness, then you should be looking at impressions and reach, and if your goal is to increase conversions, then you’ll be monitoring referrals and click-through-rates. This can be done either by monitoring the information provided by the platform itself, or by using a third-party software such as Google Analytics. It may take a while to wrap your head around it, but there are many tutorials available online that will give you a step-by-step guide of how to monitor your metrics and help you discover what aspects of your marketing plan need improvement.


Watch out for the Competition

Our final social media tip for small businesses is to keep an eye on the competition. Things can change rapidly in the world of social media and brands can get easily left behind if they fail to keep up with new trends or features. Make sure that you keep a close eye on what similar brands are doing on their social media channels, both to get inspiration and to keep up to date. Don’t bother trying to replicate what much bigger brands are doing, or brands with a completely different image and aesthetic to yours. Look at what similar brands in your industry are doing instead. With this being said, don’t try and copy other ideas completely. Put your own mark on things and create content that fits your industry and your image. 


Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses in Ireland

If you need a hand with your social media marketing, or indeed any other digital marketing strategy, then get in touch with us here at Evolution Digital Marketing where we can help your business to reach its full potential.

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page experience google algorithm

Page Experience: Google’s New Algorithm for 2021

Google have recently announced a new ranking factor which will be rolled out in early 2021. This new ranking factor is called “Page Experience” and essentially measures how users perceive the experience of interacting with a specific web page. The purpose of this update is to ensure that Google will show sites that users really love at the top of their search results. In essence, user-friendly websites will rank higher than sites which are not user-friendly once this update is rolled out.

This new ranking factor signals the beginning of a shift in the world of SEO. It also means that many companies may now find themselves in the position of needing to update their website, and taking a much closer look at UX. We’ve broken down the impact that this new algorithm will have on your website’s ranking and how you can prepare for its arrival.

How does this new update work?

If Google believes that users on your website will have a poor web page experience, they may not rank these pages as highly on their search engine results pages as they currently do. They measure user experience using a set of metrics called Core Web Values which comprise user-centred metrics including page load time, engagement statistics and stability of your web content.

What is page experience?

Page experience essentially aims to understand how a user will perceive their experience on a specific web page based on Core Web Values such as how quickly the page loads, if its mobile optimised, runs on HTTPS, has intrusive ads or if content moves around the page as it loads.

What’s so important about this update?

This update signals a huge shift in Google’s algorithm. Google is now placing a greater focus on showing the sites that users love the most first. It is highly likely that in the coming years we will see many more updates focusing specifically on user experience. Google has also given a lengthy notice period, allowing website owners time ample time to update their Page experience, which is uncommon. This shows how important this update will be.

How can I optimise my website’s Page Experience for 2021?

Google have emphasised ‘Page Experience’ rather than ‘website experience.’ This doesn’t mean that only some pages of your website need to have a good user experience, but it seems to suggest that they’re going to focus on a page-level basis for their algorithm. If only a few of your webpages have poor experience relative to your overall website, then it wouldn’t make sense for Google to reduce the rankings of your whole site. That being said it is important that your whole website provides a great user experience both for the sake of ranking and for your users.

We’ve compiled our top tips to ensure your website is ready for the 2021 Page Experience Update.

   1. Optimise your site speed

The faster your website loads, the better your user experience will be. There are numerous websites and add-ons which can check this for you including Google’s Think With Google site speed checker. 

A website load time of less than 3 seconds on both mobile and desktop should be what you’re aiming for.

    2. Reduce Errors

Pay particular attention to any possible 404 errors or broken links on your website. Broken pages create a negative user experience. Use Neil Patel’s SEO analyser tool to discover any errors which could be impacting your user experience.

   3. Ensure Your Website is Mobile Optimised

53% of worldwide web traffic came from mobile in 2019. It’s no longer acceptable to have a website which is just suited to desktop browsing. To check if your website is mobile optimised input your domain name into Google’s handy mobile friendly test.

   4. Check Out Your Competition

How does your user experience stand up to your competitors? Your competitor’s user experience will directly impact your ranking as you’ll likely both be vying for the same keywords and search engine results. SEMrush is a handy tool to analyse your competitors.

  5. Analyse Your Website Design

It’s important to discover any usability issues that your website may have. One great way of discovering these is through the use of heat maps. We recommend installing Hot Jar, a heatmap tool for your website. An example of a potential usability issue which may become apparent when using heat maps is seeing a large number of clicks on a symbol that is not clickable but which users believe is. To improve user experience, these images could then be made clickable.



User experience is only going to become more and more important as time goes on. Analyse all on page metrics on Google Analytics, and compare them with previous periods to see if your engagement metrics are trending in the same direction.

This update means that website owners must now think ahead and ensure their websites offer the best experience possible. We are in a good position with this update as Google have provided us with advance notice. Use this time wisely to fix any usability issues you may have.

SEO with Evolution Digital

If you’re looking to improve your website’s user experience in time for the page experience roll out, or are looking for general SEO services, then be sure to contact our expert team here at Evolution Digital. Give us a call on 01 288 5118 to discuss your needs or shoot us an email at

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digital marketing christmas strategy

Digital Marketing Tips for Christmas 2020

Christmas will be a little bit different this year, which means your Digital Marketing will need to be adjusted accordingly. An increase in online sales, social media engagement and virtual customer service are all things to look out for this year when revising your digital marketing plan. Here are our top 5 tips for helping your business flourish online this festive season.


      1. Start your Campaign Today

The sooner you start your digital marketing campaign – the better. Everyone is in need of something to look forward to at the moment, so let’s look forward to Christmas! People may have mixed feelings about Christmas lights at the end of October, or Santa Claus Gifs been plastered on your social media. But this year, the festive season will be a warm welcome to those in need of some holiday cheer. People will be buying sooner this year as most of us have more time on our hands, and there may be delays in delivery times. It is important for SMEs to keep up with the holiday digital marketing campaigns of larger conglomerates – and starting the campaign early is crucial to competing.


      2. Embrace Social Media Marketing


It is so important for businesses, now more than ever, to embrace social media as an essential marketing tool and to utilise it to the best of their ability. People are spending more time on their phones, using new platforms such as Tik Tok and engaging much more with brands via their social platforms. Perhaps a 12 Days of Christmas social media campaign would help to get your followers in the festive spirit? Or a video campaign with a Christmas theme? Whichever idea you decide to go with, make it engaging, relevant and uplifting. Whether you’re using social media to pay for ads, collaborate with influencers or to improve the status of your own social accounts, make sure to stay active and have a plan in place. Begin your social media campaign today to be ready for Christmas.

digital marketing christmas 2020 tips


        3. Online Shopping – Adjust Your Website Accordingly


Online shopping has skyrocketed since the pandemic began, which means that online Christmas shopping will be more popular than ever before. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of supporting their local businesses and reports have shown that customers are happy to support local businesses who sell online. This means that you need to make sure your website is fully accessible to online shoppers, as if they experience any issues along the way, they may turn elsewhere. This is where your bailout rate is important – check where along the online purchasing process your customers are dropping out and this can help to improve your strategy and optimise your website. This is also an opportunity for businesses who currently do not sell online to branch into the world of ecommerce or offer a click and collect option – which is becoming increasingly popular with both small and large businesses. Contact Evolution Digital if you are interested in turning your website into ecommerce.

xmas digital marketing strategy


      4. Christmas Competitions


Competitions are a great way of increasing your social engagement all year round – especially around the holidays. Giveaways can be great for businesses who were particularly affected by the pandemic such as hotels and restaurants. For hotels – offer a weekend away for two. For restaurants – offer vouchers (possibly with long expiration dates due to Covid). Giveaways can be great for retail businesses too. Perhaps give away a necklace to promote a new range of jewellery, or a hamper of Christmas sweets are treats. Whatever you decide to put up for grabs, make sure you conduct the competition in a way that will increase your social media engagement. For example, asking consumers to like, share and comment on an Instagram post in order to participate will increase the amount of exposure your brand is getting and will also improve your SEO ranking. Good quality social media competitions can often go viral, which exposes your brand to many more potential consumers – so make sure to give back to your customers this Christmas with an exciting competition!


christmas digital marketing strategy


      5. Improve Your Virtual Customer Service


While we may not be communicating with clients and customers the way we usually would at the moment, it is still important to offer as much customer support as we can online. Responding to emails, tweets and direct messages is crucial in maintaining good customer service, especially around Christmastime when shoppers can be busy and stressed-out. Answering customer queries promptly and effectively can be done with ease by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Other functions such as chatbots or automatic responders on Facebook can be extremely useful to businesses who may not have the capacity to be dealing with a large number of customer queries. Whichever platform you use to communicate with, be sure to be polite and helpful as word gets around quickly about businesses that go the extra mile for their customers!

Christmas 2020 will be different. But don’t let that hinder your success when it comes to marketing your brand. Adjust your strategy, think positively and work with an open mind. With the right approach, anything can be achieved. If you are interested in moving your business online, get in touch with Evolution Digital today.

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tik tok marketing strategy

The Tik Tok Marketing Strategy Your Business Needs

Tik Tok danced, transitioned and lip-synced its way into our lives at the start of 2020. Initially, it just seemed like a place for Gen Z to post their dance moves and new makeup looks, but that changed very quickly. Tik Tok is now the new social media platform that your business needs to integrate into it’s Digital Marketing Strategy.

Tik Tok supports a video format of 15 to 60 seconds and has proved extremely popular due to its ease of use, creativity, fast attention-grabbing content and personalised algorithm. 

As with any social media platform, it’s important to have a marketing strategy and vision for Tik Tok. We’ve broken down our top tips on creating a Tik Tok marketing strategy to help you promote your business online and reach a whole new audience in a unique way.

1.Find Your Niche

tik tok digital marketing strategy

In order to build a following and interest in your business, you will need to have a consistent theme or topic to your tik tok content. This can come in the form of talking about a specific topic related to your business, sharing stories about your business or showcasing your products in use. To decide on your niche, research what content fits best with your businesses’ image, what content you feel you can consistently and comfortably make and what will capture your audience’s attention. Unlike other marketing channels, Tik Tok is less ‘salesy’ and more attention-grabbing and interactive. You have less than 60 seconds to impress viewers, so make it count! Once you have decided on your niche, review the feedback you’re getting on your posts in order to guide your future Tik Tok content.


2. Keep An Eye on Trends

tik tok marketing

Trends are huge on Tik Tok. Each week a new song, dance or challenge becomes the must-do video. You’ll know if something is trending if you’re seeing a lot of it on your “For You” page or by looking at the number of people who used a hashtag specific to the trend on the discovery page. Incorporating these trends into your Tik Tok content will require creativity. It will also be important to consider if the trend can benefit your content and if it fits with your niche. For example, an outfit transition trend would be suited to a clothing store but probably not suited to a food business.


3. Creativity Content

@keilidhmuaGot to do this with my own palette 🥺 The Secret Treasure collection is now live! @kashbeauty ##makeup ##10secondsvs♬ Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney

If it isn’t already apparent, creativity is a vital skill to have when curating your Tik Tok strategy. You only have 15-60 seconds to impress your audience and with over 800 million Tik Tok users worldwide, you have to stand out from the crowd! The type of content that needs to be produced for Tik Tok will likely be quite different to what you’re already pushing out on the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Instead of just videoing your product range think about your target audience and the type of content they’re currently consuming on Tik Tok. For example, if you’re a beauty brand which has just launched a new eyeshadow palette, how best can you portray the numerous looks which can be created using the palette in less than 60 seconds to your viewers? A montage of carefully executed transitions of various eye makeup looks will be far more creative than simply showing the palette with a list of what users can create. The creative possibilities are endless on Tik Tok, it just requires some thought and time.


4. Advertise on Tik Tok

Similar to the more well-known social media platforms, Tik Tok is moving towards a monetised business model where brands can pay to have their advertisements shown. Below are some examples of the types of Tik Tok Advertisements available. 

Infeed native content: This type of advertising is similar to Instagram or Snapchat story ads and play between user content. They can be up to 15 seconds long and support multiple features such as website clicks or app downloads. However, users can choose to scroll past these.

Sponsored hashtag challenges: Hashtags are important on Tik Tok. When there’s a new trend or challenge on the Discover page users can see it and join. Your business can sponsor a hashtag challenge and use a custom banner across the Discover page. When users tap on this they’re taken to videos from your business explaining and showing the challenge all while promoting your brand. Eg.

@tadhgflemingIT’S STAYCATION TIME in IRELAND☘️ Use the ##MakeABreakForItChallenge and let’s see what you bring 🧳 😂🤣 ##discoverireland ##ad♬ – Discover Ireland

Brand takeovers: These types of ads appear upon opening the app and present a full-screen video to your targeted audience. This type of advertising is one of the best options for mass awareness and driving direct sales.

Branded lenses: Similar to the Snapchat branded lenses. These are filters and effects which users can add to their videos featuring your brand.


The type of advertising you choose to use on Tik Tok will depend on your budget and objectives but with Tik Tok featuring more and more advertising as time goes on it will likely become more affordable and mainstream to advertise here.


5. Tik Tok Influencer Marketing

@charlidamelioshop morphe2 phase 2 online and in stores now! use code ‘charli’ online for 10% off of some of my favs 💕 @morpheofficial ##morphe2xcharlidixie ##morphe

♬ Space Cadet – Metro Boomin – it’s the✨shadowbanned✨for me


Where there’s a social media platform, there’s influencers. Many influencers from other platforms have diversified to Tik Tok while there are also Tik Tok exclusive influencers. If your budget allows, having a Tik Tok Influencer marketing strategy is a great way to generate content and reach even more people. 


6. Be Consistent


When people discover you on Tik Tok, it is most often through their “For You” page, meaning they will likely only consume that one piece of content from you. If you post consistently, the likelihood of the same person as well as more people discovering your content on their “For You” page gets higher, especially if you use different hashtags and try different trends.


Get Your Tik Tok Marketing Strategy ready for 2021

Tik Tok is on the rise and Instagram’s recently added Reels feature proves that it really is disrupting the social media world as other platforms scramble to stay ahead. Adding Tik Tok to your arsenal of social media platforms is a worthwhile investment for your business and something we strongly recommend! If you’d like to learn more about using Implement a Tik Tok Marketing strategy for your business, then get in touch with us here at Evolution Digital today.


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10 Best SEO Chrome Extensions

The Google Chrome Store offers a whole host of extensions which can help you with SEO (over 100,000 to be specific). With such a wide range of options, it can be difficult to know which are actually useful! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Google Chrome extensions to help with SEO, which our SEO team have can’t live without!


1. MozBar

Moz Bar SEO chrome extension

MozBar is an SEO extension which allows you to obtain SEO insights about websites and SERPs quickly and efficiently while you browse. Some of MozBar’s key features include being able to create custom searches by search engine or region, quick assessment of page/domain authority, and being able to export your SERP analysis to a CSV file. Upgrading to MozBar Premium allows you to analyse keyword difficulty, page optimisation and dig deeper into SERP metrics.


2. SEOQuake

seo quake chrome extension

seoquake seo chrome extension

SEOquake is a free SEO extension by SEMrush which displays metrics such as Google and Bing Index for websites. It also provides information about the results in the SERPs such as backlink and traffic information as well as domain age and the number of pages indexed. The great thing about SEOquake is that it is comprised of several tools that you can use depending on your SEO aims.


3. Ubersuggest

ubersuggest seo chrome extension

Originally in website format only, this tool created by Neil Patel was recently developed as a Chrome extension and we couldn’t be happier! Ubersuggest allows you to obtain actionable SEO metrics within your Google, YouTube and Amazon search results. It allows you to get strategic competitive advantage on the top 10 results followed by a list of keyword suggestions based on your search term. A must have for anyone looking to conduct competitive research, to improve their SEO or for marketers working with clients to optimise their websites.


4. SimilarWeb

similarweb seo chrome extension

SimilarWeb is a fantastic SEO tool for general site analysis. It allows you to gain deep insights into traffic, bounce rates and site time amongst other key metrics. The SimilarWeb extension comes after their hugely popular website and provides you with the same scope of information, but directly to your browser toolbar which is convenient and efficient.


5. Google Pagespeed Extension

page speed seo plugin

The impact that page speed has on our SEO is often forgotten about among the myriad of other influences. However, page speed is a direct ranking factor for Google as well as an indirect factor as slow loading pages increase bounce rate and reduce time spent on site. The Google PageSpeed extension allows you to quickly analyse page speed of your own website, your client’s websites or competitor’s websites. You will be given a score out of 100 and suggestions will be provided on how you can boost your speeds. A really useful tool to solve an often forgotten about SEO factor.


6. Buzzsumo

The BuzzSumo extension allows you to see how many social shares a specific article has as well as its number of backlinks. This is useful for SEO in that it helps you analyse your own and competitor’s posts. This info will help you to benchmark against competitors and gain an understanding into the most common social media platforms your readers or competitor’s readers are using as well as how many backlinks is the industry norm.

buzzsumo chrome seo plugin


7. GrowthBar

growthbar seo extension

It’s easy to get lost sifting through all the data that some SEO plugins offer, luckily GrowthBar focuses on the key information you need and presents it to you while you browse Google. Allowing you to easily explore competitor’s backlinks, keywords that bring them the most traffic, look at their Facebook ads and so much more. This ad on really is ‘The SEO Tool Geared For Growth.’ GrowthBar is free for 5 days but costs $49(€42) per month thereafter.


8. SEOInfo

seo info chrome plugin

SEOInfo looks for any SEO issues on webpages and allows you to investigate them further. The issues that SEOInfo looks out for include duplicate meta tags, page speed and structured data errors. Discovering these issues and solving them will ensure that your hours of hard work put into SEO will not be put in jeopardy by having unsolved SEO issues on your website.


9. SERP Trends

serp trends chrome extension

SERP Trends is useful for keeping track of your website or competitors websites that you frequently search for. When turned on for the first time, all SERP positions are marked as new. On return searches this SEO tool will show you whether the website has moved up or down in the SERP rankings, if it’s a new result or if its position remains unchanged.


10. Screaming Frog

screaming frog seo chrome extension

Screaming Frog is an SEO spider which enables you to crawl websites, analyse SEO and fix any issues. This makes a usually long and difficult process far more simple and efficient. Using this extension will reduce your SEO stress and help to speed up an often time consuming task. The lite version of this add on is free with the paid plan being $160(€135) per year. 


10 Best Chrome Plugins for SEO

We hope this list has given you a flavour of the SEO tools available and helped you to choose the best Google Chrome SEO extensions for your needs. However, bear in mind that using too many browser extensions can slow down your computer and clog up your browser bar so choose wisely. If you wish to know more about our SEO services, Get In Touch with Evolution Digital today.

Happy optimising!

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